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Appam Wetmix

'A delicious combination of crispy caramalised edges and melt-in-the-mouth center'!

The unique combination of superior quality rice stone ground in the most hygienic conditions in our facility and the traditional fermentation techniques from our mother's kitchen tested to perfection in our labs brings you the perfect bowl-shaped appams that are ever so crispy on the outside and silky and spongy on the inside.

Preparation Tips

Even the most experienced of Appam makers can go wrong if the batter is not fermented just right. By 'just right', we mean the batter that is fluffy but not sour. To make appams are crispy caramalised on the outside and milky white in the inside, keep the sachet out of your refrigerator and the contents inside the sachet only until the sachet is bulged out completely making sure it does not burst. (highly recommended). For faster fermentation, immerse the sachet into moderately warm water only until the sachet is bulged out completely making sure it does not burst. For faster fermentation, pour out the contents into a wide bottomed container, add half a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with 50ml of hot water and leave until it is fully fermented. Ladle the fermented batter on to a flat pan or an appam kadai until it is cooked crispy. Enjoy with your favourite curries and stews.

Regular Use

Leave the batter in room temperature or immerse the batter in hot water until the packet is fully bulged out or fermented.

Instant Use

Add ½ teaspoon of baking soda to the batter and leave it until fully fermented.