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Heat & Eat Idiyappams

'Steaming mounds that disappear in your curries and in your mouth'!

Exceptional quality rice hand-picked by our experts from the vast array of rice varieties for its size, quality and taste is the secret of scrumptious idiyappams. Our idiyappams milled, powdered, roasted and steam-cooked simultaneously in our facility aims to bring you the irresistible taste and flavour like never. Enjoy this ultimate comfort food at any time along with your favourite curries and stews.

Preparation Tips

Idiyappams have always been a fruit of hard labour in the kitchen. But not any moreā€¦ We have revolutionised the homely idiyappams from South Indian kitchen to our Super / Hypermarkets without losing its texture, flavour and aroma. Get it out of your refrigerator and directly place in a hot steamer for just 5-7 minutes and enjoy with your favourite curries or stews. Adding freshly scrapped coconut can add to the taste and smell.