Who We Are

Discover the secret of indian taste and tradition through Arogya

From the upper echelons of the corporate corridors to a world of flavour and taste, it was an invigorating and exhilarating journey for Manoj George, founder and CEO of Arogya. It was his relentless pursuit and perseverance to explore his entrepreneurial streak that brought him into shaking hands with the world of flavors. UAE is often portrayed as a melting pot of different cultures and food is one of the key ingredients in that pot. Every expatriate who becomes a part of this nation's spirit cannot help being captivated by the vast array of tantalizing cuisines from around the world this country has to offer. Indian cuisine is celebrated nowhere else in the world like in the UAE. Arogya was born as a result of Manoj's passion and quest for making everyday eating experience for an average Indian expatriate in the UAE hazzle free yet delicious and healthy. In his own words, "my passion for food started from my mother's kitchen which was never short of traditional, fresh and tasty meals. So, when I thought of following my passion of owning my own food business, I looked no further than my mother's kitchen."

This was followed by our signature products which were all fine-tuned versions of pure and traditional Indian food items enjoyed by people all over the world.

We were always in search of the best in quality and pure ingredients for our products giving paramount importance to the health of our customers. We named ourselves 'Arogya' which means 'holistic health' in Sanskrit which very well resonates with all UAE South Asian expatriates who are our valued customers.

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What We Live by


Our Vision to create a new food culture where tasty food is always easy, healthy and homemade.


We work relentlessly so that you wake up every morning to the delicious and healthy aroma of traditional homemade food around the world - just like you were at home. At Arogya, we believe 'Quality is taste'

Quality Control
Our Core Values
  • Always in pursuit of the purest and healthiest ingredients that results in superior taste, texture and color of our products.
  • A work environment where trust and support are valued among employees inspiring them to reach the zenith of their potential.
  • A work culture where quality is always the outcome of a behavior rather than an accident.
  • Always delivering the best in what we do and taking accountability of all our actions.